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One of the characteristics that the most successful business owners share is investing in a sound accounting system. Business taxes are often a company’s largest expense, so you will want to engage a professional to protect as much of your revenue as possible. Although there are online platforms promoting how to simplify your taxes, taxes are anything but simple. And so far, the trend is toward more complexity, not less. While we cannot help you avoid paying taxes, we can make sure that you pay the least amount legally required. With proper tax planning, you can avoid getting blindsided by unanticipated tax bills. The best advice we can offer is by simply spending one hour with an experienced tax professional or accountant whose years of experience working with hundreds—if not thousands—of businesses a new entrepreneur can avoid costly mistakes right out of the gate.

On a daily basis, we receive numerous calls from clients who need business advice. They have come to understand the value of our partnership. Unfortunately, there is an even greater number of business owners who choose not to invest the time or money to seek credible advice, preferring instead to use YouTube or Google. While these solutions do provide some general information, they do not respond to your personal needs, recognize the specific areas in which you need assistance or protect you from failure because they simply cannot provide all of the information for each situation.

Whether you use an excel spreadsheet or subscribe to an online double entry accounting software, tracking your income and expenses is probably the single most important step in setting up your business for success. Accounting software such as QuickBooks Online or Xero allow you to sync your bank activity, making bookkeeping very accessible and easy. Because we understand that some people are more skilled with technology than others, we provide bookkeeping setup, training, and support. Our bookkeeping team will spend as much time as needed to get your business recording data set up properly. Once you have a system in place and understand how to interpret the financial data, you can determine your business' cash position and performance at any time, while also making it easier for your tax accountant to create a well prepared tax return.

Calyx has solutions from data entry and maintenance, to full cycle bookkeeping and accounting services, including financial reporting, consolidated reporting, and business advice.

“We have worked with several accounting firms and have been both disappointed and worried about the work that had been done for us. Calyx is by far the most responsive and professional firm we have come across; working with them has been a pleasure.”

James Scott, Owner of Oregon Grown Cannabis Dispensary

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© 2020 Calyx CPA