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As a Calyx client, you are entitled to audit representation should any tax returns prepared by Calyx be audited. To date, all of our Calyx associates have had success representing taxpayers in audit with very few adjustments made against our clients. Audits are tricky and you should always opt for professional audit representation rather than attempting to address an audit yourself. There are exceptions for taxpayers representing themselves but it is far worth the added expense to engage professional representation for peace of mind. An experienced professional knows the rules and the code of conduct by which an agent of the taxing authority must abide. As audit representatives, we act as intermediaries sheltering Calyx clients from over disclosing. Taxpayers are truthful by nature and will not only openly and honestly answer every question that is asked, but also offer additional information that encourage audit Agents to bring up topics outside the scope of the audit.

Being a self employed taxpayer can be daunting. Often new business owners that did not seek the advice of a professional get blind sided by tax debt and quickly get buried. Not only can our Calyx team advise on a more favorable tax entity, but we also can provide tips and tactics for mitigating tax liability. We help get you into compliance with the taxing authorities, including establishing payments plans, penalty abatement, and Offer and Comprise.

“Just being a cannabis farmer, I didn’t feel confident being able to run the business side of things, the IRS/Taxes and government involvement have always been terrifying to me. But Calyx changed that and I feel 100% confident growing my business knowing I have their knowledge and support.”

Kristine Miller, Owner of Moonshine Gardens

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