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At Calyx we share and operate in an “abundance” mindset. We believe that there is more than enough to go around. Every decision that we make is a win-win for us and our clients. We strive to add value wherever we can and celebrate every one of our clients’ successes, large and small. Our Calyx team has been around the block, emerging successfully through sheer grit and persistence, taking calculated risks, and learning from our share of miscalculations.

We can say with confidence we have arrived. Calyx is a next level business built on next level wisdom. As seasoned entrepreneurs ourselves, it is easier to recognize the pain points, limitations, and stress of less experienced business owners, which is why our coaching program covers everything from business consulting services, establishing a business entity, tax planning and preparation, accounting and bookkeeping services, to audit representation (if necessary), all in an effort to set our clients up for success.

Business coaching also spans beyond practical operational issues like pricing, task management, and system implementation to include more introspective ones: identifying and eliminating underlying limiting beliefs such as not trusting in your own value, a negative view about money and/or success, and conquering fears about decision making, which all prevent you from taking a leap of faith. Even the importance of self-care and work/life balance should be taken into account.

If we do not have a solution that can be implemented within the scope of the Calyx client relationship, we partner with a team of affiliate business coaching practitioners that we highly recommend and can refer to our clients.

“In my years working with the Calyx team, I’ve been consistently impressed with their dedication and knowledge, their help and advice has been extraordinarily valuable.”

Paul Bingam – Owner of Keen CDB

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