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471(c) & 280E

Most business owners in the cannabis industry know of 280E and have at least a basic understanding of what it is. If 280E is still a mystery, one only needs to “Google it” to find information about it and its potential impact on a business’s tax liability. What isn’t commonly available is informa…

280E and the Psilocybin Industry

Like cannabis, psilocybin is a schedule one drug subject to tax code 280E. This writing will not go into what 280E is because, as the cannabis industry has been subject to the code section since its implementation in the early 80s, there is an abundance of information about 280E that can be found…

280E and Proper Business Structures

Businesses subject to Internal Revenue Code Section 280E must choose their business structure carefully. In this article, I will describe the pros and cons of each structure, and provide recommendations for specific business types within the cannabis and psilocybin industry.